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Sponsorship Opportunities

at the Shropshire County Agricultural Show 2012

From individual show areas to events and services, the Show and the West Mid Showground offer you a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to suit your business, your budget and your aims.

We have Sponsorship Packages available to suit all budgets but these are not conclusive. Mix and match packages are available to meet your requirements and we are more than happy to accommodate other requests and preferences. Please contact the Office on 01743 289831 to discuss.

Suggested Packages:

£50 Sponsors a Class
£150 Sponsors 2 Classes
£200 Sponsors a Section
£250 Sponsors a Ring, the naming of a Road, or a Flag
£500 Sponsors an Area of the Showground
£750 Sponsors a Marquee
£1000 Sponsors the Show Tickets or the Show Flyers
£1500 Sponsors Titan
£2000 plus Sponsors the Main Ring Event

Packages include:

Up to £150 2 Sponsors Badges
£200 3 Sponsors Badges and a Banner in the Main Ring
£250 4 Sponsors Badges and a Banner in the Main Ring
£500 10 Sponsors Badges, Banner in the Main Ring and a Meal for 2
£750 15 Sponsors Badges, Banner in the Main Ring and a Meal for 3
£1000 18 Sponsors Badges, Banner in the Main Ring, ¼ page advert and a Meal for 4
£1500 20 Sponsors Badges, Banner in the Main Ring, ½ page advert and a Meal for 6
£2000 25 Sponsors Badges, Banner in the Main Ring, full page advert and a Meal for 6


  • Forward VIP Parking
  • Dedicated Ringside Lounge
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee
  • Regular scripted Announcements on the PA System
  • Acknowledgements in Show day publications

In addition, TARGETED ADVERTISING for your preferred section available as follows:

£75 ¼ page
£100 ½ page
£150 Full page

We hope that the above is of interest. Please complete the Sponsorship Reply Form or telephone or to discuss your requirements. Thank you.


Exciting times are ahead with the move from a two-day to a one-day Show to accommodate the preferences of farmers and sponsors alike!

If the Show and the Showground is not supported, it will mean that another integral part of the rural community will be lost and confined to the pages of history. The West Mid Show has been held on the Berwick site for more than 110 years with the aims and objectives of the Shropshire & West Midlands Agricultural Society being to promote the rural community to a wider audience. Financial support of the Show, however small, is critical to its staying power, long-term future and success.

The Shropshire County Agricultural Show acts as a shop window for agricultural marketing and promotes the ethos of gate to plate with specific focus on the origins of food.

As an agricultural based business deriving an income from rural and agricultural clients, supporting the County Show is going someway to putting something back into the rural community.

Today with world population rising, pressure being placed on food production and physical working areas lost to development there is an ever increasing need for farming enterprises and agricultural knowledge to be disbursed to the wider community.

Facts and Figures

Shropshire is the biggest inland County in the country extending to 3,197 square km.

Agriculture is the predominant land use in Shropshire, amounting to 86% of the total land area. Over one third of the agricultural area is arable; dairy holdings are mainly concentrated in the North and Northwest of the County, with livestock breeding and rearing stronger in the South and Southwest.

In the June 2009 census, there were 7602 holdings in Shropshire amounting to a total area of 274,549 hectares.

The West Mid Showground is quite unique in offering sponsors a site which is let for 48 weeks of the year. This means that there is potential for huge brand exposure via Showground footfall, radio, television, magazines and newspapers to well over 100,000 people throughout the year. By supporting the Show you will be able to leave your banners and advertising in place for the rest of the year.

Some of the major events held on the Showground:

  • County Agricultural Show
  • County Horse Show
  • Shrewsbury Folk Festival
  • Deva Dubs
  • Mid Shropshire Vintage Club
  • Motorhome Event
  • Bonfire and Firework extravaganza

Please support your Show and show your support by making a donation.

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